IsoPlane 光谱仪
Princeton Instruments公司2012年推出的Isoplane SCT320成像光谱仪,采用独有的完全消像差光路设计,焦平面成像质量完美,让光谱采集更加准确,使光谱系统拥有无可比拟的信噪比。适用于拉曼光谱、LIBS、原子光谱等各种高分辨光谱应用。
IsoPlane Awards

Just Released - IsoPlane 160!

Compact, New Imaging Spectrograph Outperforms All Others in its Class - IsoPlane 160 brings Princeton Instruments’ award-winning IsoPlane SCT-320 performance to a new, smaller platform. The IsoPlane 160 is the first compact spectrometer that provides outstanding imaging, high spectral resolution and excellent light-gathering power from the vacuum UV to the mid-IR without compromises.

The IsoPlane's aberration-reduced design greatly diminishes astigmatism and coma at all wavelengths across the entire focal plane.

Get specifications and more information about the IsoPlane 160

IsoPlane 160

Inspired Innovation - Imagine a spectrograph that sharply focuses data at every wavelength, allows the unrestricted use of large-format detectors, and directs photons to where they are supposed to go. Imagine a multichannel spectrograph that overcomes the limitations of traditional Czerny-Turner designs while significantly improving upon the image quality and resolution afforded by toroidal mirrors.

The spectroscopists and engineers at Princeton Instruments have not only imagined it, but built it! We invite you to see the truly remarkable results of the IsoPlane spectrographs.The exclusive, state-of-the-art optical design elements utilized in Princeton Instruments’ IsoPlane imaging spectrograph means this revolutionary instrument provides a sharply focused image across the entire focal plane.

With the IsoPlane spectrograph more photons end up in the peak, increasing the height and effective signal-to-background ratio, rather than in the wings, where they contribute to the background noise.

IsoPlane SNR

Applications for IsoPlane include:

  • Multichannel spectroscopy
  • Microspectroscopy, including Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence & photoluminescence
  • Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and similar high-resolution techniques
  • Fourier-domain spectroscopy
  • Biomedical imaging
  • TERS - Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy - New research using the IsoPlane from the Van Duyne Group at Northwestern University 

Perfected Performance - Focal Plane Image

The IsoPlane SCT 320 eliminates field astigmatism and greatly reduces coma, enabling crisp, detailed imaging across a 27 x 8 mm focal plane. Compare this with the very small area of crisp images for the Czerny-Turner spectrograph.

IsoPlane imagign vs Czerny Turner

Perfected Performance - Preserving Intensity

IsoPlane produces sharp spectral lines of constant width and height across the focal plane, whereas Czerny-Turner spectrographs do not.

IsoPlane preserves intensity

Czerny-Turner comparison


Perfected Performance - Crosstalk Eliminated

While Czerny-Turner spectrographs suffer from excessive crosstalk between adjacent channels, the IsoPlane eliminates it. Two-dimensional focal plane array detectors can record multiple spectra simultaneously, yet conventional spectrographs are ill-equipped for the job. Astigmatism in Czerny-Turner spectrographs means that only a few separate vertically spaced fibers can be resolved over the width of the sensor.

IsoPlane eliminates crosstalk

Czerny-Turner comparison

Perfected Performance - Spectral Lines at Focal Plane Center

IsoPlane yields excellent, near-Lorentzian spectral line shapes. Czerny-Turner spectrographs deliver inferior line shapes that vary on depending on the focal plane position.

Line shapes

Stellar Software Support

The IsoPlane is supported by LightField, a 64-bit data acquisition platform for spectroscopy and imaging. Light Field combines complete control over Princeton Instruments’ spectrographs and cameras with easy-to-use tools for experimental setup, data acquisition, and post-processing. Both unique and revolutionary, LightField lets researchers realize the full potential of the new IsoPlane imaging spectrograph.

LightField Software



Model / Data SheetFocal LengthAperture RatioPMT Resolution 
(10 um slits)*
CCD Resolution (20 um pixels)*
IsoPlane SCT 320pdf320 mmf/4.60.05 nm0.08 nm at all points on the focal plane
IsoPlane 160pdf203 mmf/3.50.10 nm0.16 nm at all points on the focal plane

*with 1200 g/mm grating at 435 nm | IsoPlane grating options

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